Mon Nov 25

Kate went to school on time, started having seizures around 9am. The nurse was in contact with Barb throughout the morning as the seizures persisted. The school nurse gave Kate .25mg of Klonopin as dictated by the frequency of seizures through the day. By 2:15pm Kate had been given 1mg of Klonopin since 9am.

The total amount for a 24 hour period ( Sunday 3pm – Monday 2pm ) 2mg Klonopin.

It’s a positive development that Kate stayed in school all day after taking that amount of rescue medicine. Her teachers as well as the school nurses have been remarkably accommodating the last three weeks. Kate has evolved to trust them more and feel more comfortable being vulnerable in that setting. In the past she had not wanted stay at school after taking her recuse medicine because of how it slowed her down and made her drowsy.