Tue Nov 26

Kate slept until until 8pm, an hour longer than a usual school day. She commented that she “…still felt very tired” from the rescue medicine she received the prior two days.

We walked to school without any episodes and checked her into her classroom. The rescue medicine “hangover” for her is primary lethargy and a reduced attention span and memory recall.

Around 9:30 am she went to the school nurses office when a series seizures would not end. The seizures do not “present” in a physical way, there are no tonic clinic movements or eye deviation. Kate reports that she feels a general feeling in her body that is disruptive, accompanied by a nausea in her chest.

I was still at the school, talking with the nurse about Kate medical plan of action, addressing questions from the nurse about the prescribed dose of Klonopin.

I sat with Kate in the nurses office for 15 min, trying to get a better understanding for what she was experiencing during the “seizures that just keep going”. We elected to give her a .5mg does of Klonopin and she stayed with the nurse for a another 15 min to make sure it was working.

– .5mg Klonopin

At 11:30am the seizures started again, the nurse gave Kate an additional .5mg Klonopin and that broke the series.

– .5mg Klonopin

Kate at the end of the day today, silly, tired, just wanting to have fun.