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Kate awake

Woke up at 3:30

Kate was aware of an “episode” ( seizure ) at 4:15 that manifests as retching and sense of needing to vomit.

– no Clonazipam given

4:40am update:

Kate had two seizures in a four to five minute span, each lasting about 90 seconds, she described typical sensations associated

–  .5mg Clonazipam given at 4:49am

Kate Awake

Morning of October 31:

after sleeping through the night Kate had a series of seizures before breakfast (7:10am) that made her feel as if she needed to vomit, required Clonazepam to break the cycle: .125mg given ( 1/2 the regular dose )

Night of October 31

Kate woke up at 2 am, went back to sleep around 3:30 am.

no medication given

Kate Awake at night

Sunday Night October 27:

Kate woke up at 11:40 pm, went back to sleep after being up for 30 min.

She woke up again at 3:00 am, she grabbed barbs arm said the seizure was “a bad one”, the seizures continued, Barb gave her half a Clonazipam tablet (.25mg)

Clonazipam .25mg

Monday afternoon October 28:

After school, Kate had a series of seizures ( not the ones that maker her feel like vomiting ), she layed on the sofa and watched TV until her piano lesson at 5pm. She did well piano

Conazipam .125mg