In 2017, Kate was in 2nd grade, spending 90% of her school day in special education classes at Muldown Elementary. She relished the time spent in her “regular classroom”.

Laura Raykowski was Kate’s special education teacher for 1st & 2nd grade. She was our first experience with the IEP ( Individual Education Plan ) that defines Kate in the eyes of the school system. Laura gave Barb and I confidence in the system, she was proficient, thorough and compassionate in her work…and Kate loved her.

The 2017 school year was when we started to get an idea for what Kate’s cognitive development looked like in the wake of her hemispherotomy surgery two years earlier. It was a big year for us, seeing growth in a positive direction, physically and intellectually. She was gaining weight at a steady rate after years of “failing to thrive” under the pressure of intractable epilepsy.

I will add to this chronology as time permits. In the interim a more detailed history is recorded at


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