Mayo 03/10/2015

Returned to Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN with Kate on Sunday night.

She will have two MR scans to asses risk with regard to surgical options to resolve her seizures.

Tuesday is the MRv to asses the state of the Venus sinus thrombosis from the initial stay in Seattle.

Wednesday is the functional MRI to asses the location of her speech center, right or left hemisphere.

The MR tech will be the same for both and she is great, she wanted to do the MRv without anesthesia, tried it, but Kate is having to much anxiety, she could not calm down enough to get good images.

Mike and I are waiting in the recovery area where Kate will be brought to when the scan is done in about 20min.

The failure to make it through the short MRv without anesthesia does not bode well for the Functional MR tomorrow. If she is not able to complete the MR tomorrow, we will be headed towards the WADA test that introduces greater risk to get at the same answers.