Tonic Cafe

It’s been up and down, Kate is having a tough time with seizures at night, during the day since last week. That makes the exams difficult, she gets terrible anxiety from the sleep deprivation, that makes the MRIs challenging.

She had an MRI early Tuesday morning to map the veins and look at her old blood clot. Anxiety got bad, she had to be put under with anesthesia during MRI.

Wednesday morning she had a functional MRI to map the language and speech centers in her right and left hemispheres. We find out Thursday if the results are usable or if we will need to stay here longer for a more invasive type tests to get at the same answers for language and speech.

We meet with the neurosurgeon at 11 today, then Kate’s neurologist at 2 to review the results of the two scans and talk about next steps.

She’s a tough little person, amazes me still that she can power through the day with all the electrical chaos in her head.

Happy Place: “Tonic Cafe”
We have a favorite restaurant directly across the street from Mayo that serves locally grown food, cooked in real butter! Tonic has been a refuge each day for both of us. French toast, fried eggs, bacon and fresh fruit / vegetable smoothies. Wonderful people running the place, vibrant, loving folks that clearly know the power kindness.

Thanks for checking in, we hope to be flying home on Friday. Love Kate & Chance