Varsity Level

Reviewing the notes from last week at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. Kate had completed a one hour EEG and we meet with her neurologist Dr Elaine Wirrell for the second time.

After education Barb and I about what she was seeing on the EEG, Dr Wirrell narrowed the conversation down to two key points:

#1 Intractable focal epilepsy
#2 Continuous spike wave in sleep

This is remarkable for us. We worked with medical professionals from Tampa Florida to Seattle Washington without gaining ground on a cause. Kate has had over 30 hours of EEG / video recordings collected in the last two years and no one has been able to connect the dots until now. The folks at Mayo identified a significant issue after one hour of observation. Barb and I were floored by the efficiency and competence.

We will return to Mayo Clinic next month for a more focused monitoring to confirm the origin of the “spikes” seen in Kate’s EEG. The monitoring will include “inducing” seizures by dialing back her medication. Intellectually I understand this approach…