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Quality of Life

Barb and Kate traveled to Seattle this morning for an appointment with the neurology folks at Seattle Childrens Hospital to have an EEG study. The study will measure electrical activity while capturing video of her at the same time, to reference any physical signs of seizures.

Since the study was scheduled a month ago, Kate has had waves of nausea and general downturn in her wellbeing that last for five to seven days. Saturday night she started vomiting and has not been able to sleep at night, waking up five or six times a night with bouts of nausea.

Yesterday Isabelle, Paetra and Barb rode bikes to Sweet Peaks Ice Cream after dinner, while Kate and I walked with her in a stroller. When we arrived Kate was uninterested in ice cream and asked to go home, the signal was clear. Her disposition is heavy and agitated, crying and miserable throughout the day sunday and yesterday. Our goal is to create a higher quality of life for her, she is smart and capable when not weighed down by the unresolved issues, she deserves a better shot at life.
We are hopeful that the EEG provides an increased degree of understanding for the origin of her smaller seizures and points us in a direction of addressing her baseline well being.