Ten Questions

Ten questions to expel the ignorance and fear: “peri-insular hemispherectomy”

  1. What are the risks associated with this specific procedure?
  2. What is the expected or typical medication for seizures look like after this procedure?
  3. Please provide reference material for the surgical procedure that will help us understand the details of what will be done?
  4. Where can we read about case studies for patients that have had this surgery that cover a spectrum of outcomes?
  5. What are the results of the behavioral study Kate completed on January 13th at Mayo Clinic and how does that inform the decision making about the surgical option?
  6. What is the likelihood or percentage of stroke during this specific surgical procedure?
  7. Specifically who will be doing what part of the surgery, who is the surgeon going to be?
  8. Will there be surgical residents / fellows present during the surgery and how are they involved? (Who does what, who will touch Kate during the surgery?)
  9. What is the time frame for scheduling the surgery?
  10. What is the duration of recovery after the surgery, in hospital and at home?